Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Influence of Digital Revolution on Kids

We, in this 21st century are witnessing the technology boom especially the digital revolution. In the earlier days necessity was the mother of inventions but now a day it has changed vice versa and the key to all is the development in the field of digital media. There is no need of any theories to prove this point as we can see it in our surroundings itself. When I was a kid I never had an idea about how a computer will look like. I was in 8th standard when I first touched one. The situation is completely different now as each and every person is exposed to this media especially our young generation. All of them are very familiar with computers and understand the basics of it very easily. 

Education System in India
Since we are looking forward to future, we can discuss about the digital media and young generation. Young people and our school going children are more attached to this media because it keeps them connected with their world. There are many benefits due to the digital media influence these days. Schools themselves are promoting the usage of it keeping in mind that the outside world is running in this media. Many schools in India especially international schools in India are providing diverse courses in their curriculum to teach computer and its hardware.

The digital revolution has facilitated the children in various ways as it reduced the hardships of studies through a variety of illustrations and it lightened the work by a range of options. There are many schools in Hyderabad who made IT as one of their core teaching subjects keeping in mind the peculiarity of the place as it is one of the major IT hubs of the country. 

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