Thursday, 23 May 2013

How far Culture can Influence a Child’s Life

It is said that ‘people without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots.’ Culture is one thing that we always cling to from our ancestor’s time. Particularly in a country like India where culture plays the major role, the influence of it in all our surroundings are inevitable. India is known for its cultural diversity in the world. Within the existing 28 states we follow hundreds of different culture in each remote corners of the country. Even after all of these we still stay united and I believe that is the power of culture we are following. 
To instill the idea of particular culture in a child is very vital as they go out and meet people who belong to some other set of culture and beliefs. So it is always advisable to mold our own culture inculcating all the positives from other cultures. Culture is often misunderstood with religion in our country. Culture the life style, thinking and way of living of person. It gives us the flavor in life which is required to maintain the color, beauty, ambition and flow of life.

Attributes associated with culture has to be encouraged at a very young so that it can grow along with the kid by getting positively influences by their surroundings. When it comes to education, cultural tendencies impact the way children participate in the learning process. The basics of culture should always as we all know, come from home. The feelings of discipline, respect to elders, compassionate feeling for others and love and affection are all part of the culture and tradition we follow. So as elders it is our responsibility to teach our young generation the significance of culture and the best possible way is to be their role. This will inspire them to follow the good aspects in our culture. 

Schools are second home to children and here they learn the basic principles of life. While being with friends and others, a child can learn about various other traditions and slowly adopt them to their own culture. I believe teachers can play a vital role here to make them understand the value of our tradition and culture and the benefits of following it. Luckily there are many schools in Bangalore who propagate this message.

Schools like Oakridge biggest international school in Bangalore provide holistic education and inculcate the right messages of culture into the understanding of the students. As Gandhi said “A nation's culture resides in the hearts and in the soul of its people."

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