Wednesday, 12 June 2013

The Indian International MUN Experience

The IIMUN one of the largest youth conferences was held in Hyderabad from 31 May to 2 June at the IIIT campus. 15 students from Oakridge were a part of this conference. Though the delegates for this conference were from different colleges, the students found it to be a very enriching experience for them. Yagna Agarwal of Grade XI who was a part of this conference shares his experience with us……

"With mixed feelings of anxiety and excitement and my hopes high, I was there; at the IIIT campus. The first college MUN I was attending. I was not nervous but I was prepared; to debate as a Delegate of Poland in the NATO (North Atlantic Treaty). It was a 2 day MUN with 4 committee sessions in total. It was fun debating and putting up productive arguments. Also, there was a lot to learn too! Next Morning was the most productive session.

We had come to a resolution and the whole committee was really happy. In NATO for a resolution to pass we need 100% majority, every single country had Veto power. We had successfully managed to pass the resolution with cent-percent majority. Now, came the part which I was most exited for i.e. the ‘Awards’. Although I did not win any Award the Chairperson told me that I had done well and to keep it up! With my bag packed with papers and my mind full of blissful memories I returned home glad for being a part of an enriching experience."

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