Wednesday, 31 July 2013

World Leaders of Education

The way to civic life and greater knowledge comes from receiving adequate education. Education in India is becoming costlier day by day, but parents in India consider it there lifelong duty to pay for their child’s education and other study related expenses. And we the students hold it as our privilege to receive lifelong funding from our parents in terms of education.

The education sector in India has innumerable courses and subjects to offer that no student would feel insignificant compared to any other student. However, compared to other countries in the world, the education sector might have several flaws swept under the carpet, but in reality the students in India fair an IQ which is quite superior to kids in other countries.

We follow a very traditional way of learning and studying, which was passed on to us when the British’s came and invaded India and decided to educate the natives. India might be a traditional and backward country in terms of its infrastructure and other facilities but it has grown and has been nurtured into a unique being that it exists today.

There are so many schools, colleges and universities that are both nationally and internationally recognized all around the world. Every single day this sector is growing and taking a whole new dimension to it its existence. Millions and millions of students are passing out of the institutions and taking up diverse fields of employments careers every single day. India is a country with a growing and thriving world economy; every other country is surprised to believe that a country so immensely Populated as this one, with a democratic background and a semi-permeable economy, is showing signs of constant growth and development.
It is also a matter of great surprise to other economies how India as a country hasn’t fallen apart so far and still exists to work and develop at very progressive rates. It is possible because of the empowering educational system that is present in the country. Every person contributes to the making of a nation; similarly, India owes its existence to the many engineers, entrepreneurs, industrialists, politicians, labourers, lawyers and several other professions whose combining efforts have resulted in the country that we live in today.

Therefore, we should continue to strive to excel and gain lots of accomplishments for the honour and glory of our country, because their visions for strengthening the country has definitely borne fruits in our lives through the accomplishments we hold today.

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