Thursday, 20 June 2013


Oakridge’s iconic status in the world of education is much credited to its expert teachers and thought leaders who made the foundation for learning formidable and enduring. Capt. Rohit Bajaj, Principal - one such pillar of this ever rising edifice, has made Oakridge and in fact India proud by getting appointed as the IB ambassador. He is among the super five Indians from Asia Pacific who have successfully completed IB orientation and training.

Truly a milestone for Capt. Rohit and Oakridge!

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

The Indian International MUN Experience

The IIMUN one of the largest youth conferences was held in Hyderabad from 31 May to 2 June at the IIIT campus. 15 students from Oakridge were a part of this conference. Though the delegates for this conference were from different colleges, the students found it to be a very enriching experience for them. Yagna Agarwal of Grade XI who was a part of this conference shares his experience with us……

"With mixed feelings of anxiety and excitement and my hopes high, I was there; at the IIIT campus. The first college MUN I was attending. I was not nervous but I was prepared; to debate as a Delegate of Poland in the NATO (North Atlantic Treaty). It was a 2 day MUN with 4 committee sessions in total. It was fun debating and putting up productive arguments. Also, there was a lot to learn too! Next Morning was the most productive session.

We had come to a resolution and the whole committee was really happy. In NATO for a resolution to pass we need 100% majority, every single country had Veto power. We had successfully managed to pass the resolution with cent-percent majority. Now, came the part which I was most exited for i.e. the ‘Awards’. Although I did not win any Award the Chairperson told me that I had done well and to keep it up! With my bag packed with papers and my mind full of blissful memories I returned home glad for being a part of an enriching experience."

Oak Champs to Fly to Srilanka