Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Child Development Program @ Oakridge

Oakridge  championed an exhilarating program to nurture the inner talents of a child. Child Development Program (CDP) is a unique platform for children, parents and teachers wherein they put in their collective efforts to bring out the best in the child.

Col. Prasad (Principal) says “Goal setting is not only for children but also for teachers and parents and that is where CDP aims at. A strategic session happens where child, parent and the teacher sit together discuss and plan their goals for the next academic year.

“Srilakshmi, a Happy parent of Oakridge shares her excitement about this revolutionary program, “It is true that success and failure of a child is not individual, but a team effort added by parent and teacher. This initiative aims for the best of child by uniting the best efforts of parent and teacher.” 

Oakridge assures that the mapping of child progress never stops. Highlight of the CDP Initiative is that the performance map of the child in a particular academic year will be handed over to the teacher for the next session so that a complete understanding will be provided to the teacher about the child to carve him/her better.

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