Monday, 1 April 2013

Oakridge - India's First ever School CAS Website

CAS President's note

Trisha Jain - CAS President

Out of all the programmes Oakridge is involved in, CAS has always stood out for me. Each letter in the abbreviation creates scope for students to enter a different field of extra curricular activities. C which stands for creativity and represents a wide range of arts activities such as performance arts or visual arts, nurtures students' creativity potential and inspires them to use this in designing and implementing service projects. A, for action, includes participation of students in both individual and team sports. Furthermore, it includes taking part in expeditions and local or international projects. Last but definitely not the least, S stands for service and this section of CAS encourages students to give back to the society through community service activities and learn the value of service.
Thus, CAS provides students with an opportunity to develop holistically outside academics. This is what I love about CAS. I used to think that doing well in studies meant everything but CAS has changed that. I have learnt that extra-curricular activities are equally important for students to succeed and CAS gives us a chance to develop our talents. It changes the way we see ourselves as well as our surroundings and helps us formulate a more educated and informed view of our world today.
In Oakridge especially, CAS is celebrated for the diverse opportunities it provides to us and it is our duty to make use of them. We have a wide range of activities and clubs that allow students to explore their interests and see how they can help their community. Students need to find their potential and I am proud of the fact that Oakridge has successfully implemented CAS so that they can truly “learn the treasure within.

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