Wednesday, 17 April 2013

How to Improve Education Sector in India

India's constitution stipulates the Universality of Elementary Education. In layman's terms, the government is promising that all children between the ages of 6 and 14 will be fully educated by a municipality. However, according to the World Bank, while 95% of Indian children attend primary school, only 40% go on to secondary school. Many organizations offer solutions to improving primary education in India.

But at the same time we know we have good education system with 10+2 and college pattern. There could be many factors which affect the education system in India to boom and bane. If we take a closer look at things we can understand this with better examples as well. Till now people were only discussing about the reasons. But now we should be thinking and working to find some solution for betterment.

India must not only improve its funding for primary education, it needs to insure that the money is going where it’s meant to go. Many civic projects are left unfinished because the funding ends up in the pockets of bureaucrats. This sum could drastically improve primary education in India, but only if it ends up in the right place.

For the improvement of education sector in India high levels of enrollment look good on paper, but improving the quality of education in rural areas is essential. The education sector is also fraught with issues of quality, which leads to poor learning outcomes, especially among children in primary school, who, without a good foundation, continue to be at a disadvantage in later years. Change the education system from the primary level (reduce work load, put more importance on physical activities, encourage original thinking etc). There should not be any form of evaluation (exam or so) till age 10 years. Teacher’s absences in many of our schools in villages are another major reason which stands in front of the education system. They find better opportunities and possibilities and migrate to cities.

 But as Gandhi said any development should start from our villages, education should also get kick start from rural areas for better tomorrow. Because education not only helps people to read and write but it structures a generation for tomorrow. And we have an obligation to give something back to our country which will have a long term impact on the whole society. Improvement of education sector in India was the dream of our freedom fighter and we should work to make the dream come true.

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