Monday, 1 April 2013


It was week of exploration for Oakridgers who went for an adventure camp out – Sahas at Wadgaon, Nagpur in association with Out Bound Bharat. 3 days at Sahas turned out to be a thrilling experience for the Oakridgers.

21st March morning the 45 member’s team reached the camp with great expectations and enthusiasm. They explored the wide range of activities like Obstacle Course, Rock Climbing, Net Climbing, Night Trekking, Kayaking, Flying Fox, 60ft. Wall Climbing, Swimming, Rafting, Navigation etc for the rest of three days. Apart from these activities, there was lot more to excite Oakridgers.

Evenings were fun with camp fire, where they performed in full swing.

On 24th March, after a long but a relaxed drive from the Sahas camp, the team reached Mogli Resorts in Kanha - National Park. The team was divided into groups to discover the scenery and wild life. The Jungle Safari in the open Gypsys remained as a lifetime memory for all. One group was lucky enough to see an elusive Tiger on their way.

And that day night they were only discussing about the Tiger reserve and flora and fauna of Kanha National Park. For the photographers of the group, it was a visual treat. On 26th March the team saidgoodbye to the Kanha National Park with lot of priceless memories and a hope of returning. 

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